apple stamp art

Hello friends,

     Have you been apple picking yet this season? My grandma happens to have apple trees in her yard! We have been lucky enough to have (basically) unlimited access to apples this season! I have the perfect activity for apple abundance. If there are no apples to spare, just use the apple ends that nobody will eat anyways. I often find use of our scraps. I use them for Saylors sensory when it applies to the current lesson. 

     Saylor used his fine motor skills and hand eye coordination to create apple inspired art! I encouraged him to stamp apples on his paper using green and red paint. I would have included yellow too, but we were all out! 

     You’ll see that he decided to turn it into a little finger painting session as well, so we rolled with it! That’s just what you have to do with the little one activities!  He is pretty young still and learning structure as we go. Doing little lessons like this now will make it easier for him to follow instruction later, when he has the focus to go with it.

     I talked about colors, shapes, sizes, and textures out loud while Saylor created his art. I also encouraged him to count the apple slices on the paper. (of course he can’t count yet- however, he can begin to recognize numbers as separate beings/begin to listen to their patterns.)

     This activity is easy to put together- and didn’t require a trip to the craft store! Even the kitten joined in!
Alright, time for a cliche mama coffee break. Enjoying your remaining week!



Fall Sensory Bottles

Hello friends,

    Today I made sensory bottles for Saylor. He absolutely loves them! I have made many sensory bottles, but this container has to be my favorite! It’s a good size, easy lids, and durable! If you’ve ever been around a one year old you’ll know that ‘durable’ is very important, ha!

     I make sensory bottles so Saylor can observe items that I don’t want ending up in his mouth. I write on the sensory bottles to display each item as a word. Although Saylor obviously can’t read, he can observe words as separate beings with various letters. He is able to observe shapes of letters and patterns in each word. I make sure to communicate about the items in the jar on a daily basis. “What color is in the jar?” “What does this sound like?” “Big Leaves!” “Little leaves!” Etc. Repetition is so helpful- just a little bit every day will help with developmental connections! 

Sensory Bottles

You Will Need

•Empty peanut butter jars or Wowbutter jars for my no nuts friends

•Spray Paint (optional for fashion reasons)

•Items of your choice for the jars


• Sharpie Marker

See! Easy Peasy! I will reuse my jars for different items in the future. Whatever is related to our lesson at the time. I recommend a little glue under the lid with liquid filled jars. Just in case!! 

Until next time, 


Birthday Card Craft

Look at this! Two posts in one week!! See?! I’m improving.

Saylor made a birthday card for this grandma (mimi) today! Since Saylor is getting so good at grasping he created the art all by himself! (mostly) When he was too little to paint with his hands or when we are creating holiday cards in bulk I sometimes just used his footprint and added detail on my own. Since this is a birthday card and he has been grasping up a storm I decided to let him do some free art! I dipped flower tops from yesterdays sensory in paint and let Saylor move them around on a sheet of paper. I cut the paper out ahead of time so that I wouldn’t alter any of his art expression later. 🙂 Saylor worked on his fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and large motor skills while creating the birthday card. He observed colors,textures, and shapes all while creating a personal gift. I took pictures of him creating and will send them through mail along with the card! This was such an easy way to practice the act of giving with Saylor even before he is able to mentally understand what he is doing. We will be able to look back and see that it’s become habit. My babies may not end up with a passion for giving like me but I want to teach them how important it is in a world full of distractions! 🙂


PS: Don’t worry grandma got chocolates sent to her house as well, ha!