Fall Sensory Bottles

Hello friends,

    Today I made sensory bottles for Saylor. He absolutely loves them! I have made many sensory bottles, but this container has to be my favorite! It’s a good size, easy lids, and durable! If you’ve ever been around a one year old you’ll know that ‘durable’ is very important, ha!

     I make sensory bottles so Saylor can observe items that I don’t want ending up in his mouth. I write on the sensory bottles to display each item as a word. Although Saylor obviously can’t read, he can observe words as separate beings with various letters. He is able to observe shapes of letters and patterns in each word. I make sure to communicate about the items in the jar on a daily basis. “What color is in the jar?” “What does this sound like?” “Big Leaves!” “Little leaves!” Etc. Repetition is so helpful- just a little bit every day will help with developmental connections! 

Sensory Bottles

You Will Need

•Empty peanut butter jars or Wowbutter jars for my no nuts friends

•Spray Paint (optional for fashion reasons)

•Items of your choice for the jars


• Sharpie Marker

See! Easy Peasy! I will reuse my jars for different items in the future. Whatever is related to our lesson at the time. I recommend a little glue under the lid with liquid filled jars. Just in case!! 

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Infant Christmas Ornaments

Hello there!

Over the past couple days we spent our time making Christmas ornament gifts! I wanted Saylor to create a gift on his own and this is what I went with! There are so many salt dough recipes online for reference but here’s the one I picked!

1cup salt

1cup flour

1/2 cup water

I mixed up these three easy ingredients while Saylor was asleep! Then I rolled them out and cut various shapes just like cut out cookies. Take it from my husband though, they don’t have that same sweet flavor! 🙂 When you are done cutting out all of your shapes make sure to stick a straw through to create a hole for your ribbon!

I let these cuties dry for two days! I flipped them over once I felt they were strong enough to make a flip. I just did this to make sure they were extra dry before painting! It’s not required.

Once the shapes were dry I dabbed colors of my choice on each ornament. Some of the ornaments were for certain relatives so I used colors that would please them most. Some I just stuck with a Christmas color theme! Then I placed the ornament on Saylor’s high chair tray and let him do work! 🙂 He used his fingers and hands to maneuver the shape on his tray! He practiced grasping while observing colors, textures, shapes, and smells! I kept a close eye to make sure he kept his hands out of his mouth. A pretty rare occurrence at the moment, ha! We painted 4-5 ornaments per day to ensure I wasn’t boring him to death in one sitting.

I let the ornaments dry out for 1-2 days and then I sprayed acrylic sealer in gloss finish.

Now pick out some festive ribbons and you’ve got yourself a hand made keepsake ornament! 🙂

We had a blast making them and they will always be so meaningful for me to put on our tree. Make sure to have your kids make a couple for you and a couple for your themselves for taking with them when adulthood rolls around the corner! I know I appreciate having so many childhood keepsakes of my own.

Have a good weekend!




Catch Up Crafts For Fall

Hello there,

So I suck at keeping this a weekly thing…but I am striving to get better! If for nothing else but to keep a record of our projects, ha! I am just going to share some of the things we did during October so we can act like this posting drought never happened. It’s so important to provide continual learning opportunities for babies! Their minds are developing fast and the more connections they are able to make the better! Each new experience builds a connection in their little noggin. We focused on art using sensory items over the month of October. I would introduce the item (pine cones, leaves, etc) and then try to provide an art project using the same item. This repetition of items used helps to build familiarity for little babies new to the world. Saylor worked on his fine motor skills to reach and grasp during each activity. He observed colors, shapes, textures, smells, and sounds! He also worked on his hand eye coordination while creating each masterpiece 🙂

The pumpkin filling picture below is just a sensory project I provided after he watched me carve his pumpkin! 🙂




Who Are You?


Alice replied, rather shyly, ‘I — I hardly know, sir, just at present — at least I know who I WAS when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.’

DEEP stuff I know.

My name is Adrienne and I am just another Alice in the world. I am growing and changing everyday or so I hope. I have been living in Columbus Ohio for the past four years with my husband Mitchell. I just recently left my job as a daycare teacher to stay home with our son Saylor. I completed my child development associates while working there so basically I am a pro at kids. I am a big giver and I love taking care of people. In a different life I would have been a star on SNL. Creating laughter is important. In this this life I enjoy being with my family and raising our son far too much to take on such a dedicated career role. I also enjoy hiking,giving,baking,cooking, and a bunch of other things that a lot of other people also enjoy. If I hear the apartment building door slam one more time I am going to go out there and throw a shoe. I have a dry sense of humor and I’m already sorry that I offended you. I will most likely blog about kids,recipes, and whatever else my heart desires.  Just promise me you wont fall in love with me because I already have enough laundry to fold and too many in-laws.