apple stamp art

Hello friends,

     Have you been apple picking yet this season? My grandma happens to have apple trees in her yard! We have been lucky enough to have (basically) unlimited access to apples this season! I have the perfect activity for apple abundance. If there are no apples to spare, just use the apple ends that nobody will eat anyways. I often find use of our scraps. I use them for Saylors sensory when it applies to the current lesson. 

     Saylor used his fine motor skills and hand eye coordination to create apple inspired art! I encouraged him to stamp apples on his paper using green and red paint. I would have included yellow too, but we were all out! 

     You’ll see that he decided to turn it into a little finger painting session as well, so we rolled with it! That’s just what you have to do with the little one activities!  He is pretty young still and learning structure as we go. Doing little lessons like this now will make it easier for him to follow instruction later, when he has the focus to go with it.

     I talked about colors, shapes, sizes, and textures out loud while Saylor created his art. I also encouraged him to count the apple slices on the paper. (of course he can’t count yet- however, he can begin to recognize numbers as separate beings/begin to listen to their patterns.)

     This activity is easy to put together- and didn’t require a trip to the craft store! Even the kitten joined in!
Alright, time for a cliche mama coffee break. Enjoying your remaining week!



December Art Start

Hello December!

Saylor and I have been busy making all sorts of art projects this week! I want him to have plenty of time to digest all of his self made decorations! ๐Ÿ™‚ I cut out the shape for a tree with a star and taped them to our front closet door. Then I gave Saylor a couple different colors of paper to finger paint. When the papers were dry I cut out various shapes for his tree ornaments! The wreath we made is from the cardboard from our mama mimis pizza. I saved it because I just knew it would come in handy for some type of future craft. I put green finger pant on the cardboard circle and gave him bubble wrap to spread the paint around. He observed colors, shapes, textures, sounds, and smells while creating his wreath art. He loved it! When the circle dried I cut a circle in the middle and added the red bow using construction paper. We also made Christmas cards using green footprint shapes! I dipped his foot in green finger paint and then obviously created a tree out of the shape on my own. We plan to send these out for relatives later this week. I am waiting to print out a festive picture to go along with the card. We live three hours away from our families so it’s important for us to show them we care through mail. Facebook doesn’t always seem as personal because it takes little to no effort to send something on facebook. Besides that I haven’t taught Saylor the ins and outs of facebook comments just yet. Also, my inlaws deleted me so we would be a ghost to them without good old fashion mail! ๐Ÿ™‚

We made the same tree shapes to hang on the counter where Saylor often sits in his bouncy to watch me cook. He has already been observing the shapes and colors of his art.

So. Much. Art. for one week I know! Like I said I wanted to make sure Saylor got the most out of observing it all. Infant art is so important because not only does it help babies work on their creative abilities but it also gives them a new perspective with colors, shapes, textures, smells, and sometimes sounds! I try to play music while we are doing art as well. This is a good tool for helping infants build connections to whatever it is they are working on. So what better time to do it than while he is learning so many new skills! It’s like the story about chewing a certain gum while you study will help you do better on a test if you chew the same gum while taking the test. Music is going to be our gum for this example andย  you can call Bing Crosby the gum king!

Well off to finish my coffee! How very Gilmore Girl of me….Speaking of the Gilmore Girls I am so sick of seeing their updates lately! I’ll save that for a post on my evil twin blog account.

Raising Thankful Children

Hello there,

It’s been a while! I had a very busy couple weeks getting ready to make our first road trip with a baby. It helped to have everything ready and organized. It was only a three hour drive from Ohio to Indiana but if you’ve ever been around a baby that doesn’t want to sit in a car seat before you’d be scared too! Luckily our little man slept pretty much the entire drive! That’s right! No fussing! It was a weekend full of family,friends, and spontaneous baby gifts!

Gift giving has always been a passion of mine. I have always put a lot of thought, care, and time into things that I give people. So while I try to give without expecting anything in return I do know how big of a bummer it can be to give someone a gift they don’t appreciate. The first gift I got my husband while we were dating was a one hundred dollar pair of shoes. I searched all over town for his special size (14) with the perfect color and fit. He was a marine at the time and seemed to constantly be walking or running around California. A couple months later when he came to visit me in Indiana, I noticed he did NOT have his new shoes on!! I casually asked him if he packed them. He told me that he lost them and they did not really fit anyways so he could not wear them. Ummm.. HELLO?! I searched the ends of the earth for these giant sized nike sneakers and that evidently did not even cross his mind! I could not believe someone could just toss out a pair of nike shoes like they were a juicy fruit wrapper! I wondered if he ever learned about the term EXCHANGE! I learned to appreciate my nike shoes because it was a miracle if I had any before having a job of my own! Can you imagine how angry? I was angry. I wondered how he was going to appreciate my gift giving if he didn’t even have my gift! I realized he probably didn’t appreciate it. He possibly got nikes for stocking stuffers as a child what do I know?! Fast forward to the future (now) and I have helped my husband a lot with gift giving. It was important for me to help him because us givers need to be given to occasionally! While I realized that not all gifts are personal my husband realized that giving with meaning will leave a longer lasting memory which is truly a gift in itself!

While I was pregnant I thought of everything I ever wanted to teach my kids. I thought about making a list of traditions,books,and songs to share. I thought about all things the future would hold! One thing that I continued to thing about was teaching them to be givers and also be thankful for gifts. I realize that my children might not find the same happiness that I find in giving and that’s totally fine. I just hope they remember to be thankful. How can I teach my kids to be thankful? Example. I remember being told to write all of my thank you notes after Christmas. It always felt forced and unfair because I never saw adults making thank you notes! Why did I have to be thankful because I am a kid and I should worship all ground that adults walk on? I always put thank you notes on the back burner and hoped my mom would forget she asked.

I wondered what it would be like to look forward to making thank you notes. How could I get my kid to enjoy it? I always enjoyed making art as a kid. I also enjoyed writing but something about the layout of a thank you note felt forced and easily predictable. Thank you for the socks…..they have been keeping my feet warm. Why not something a little more expressive and fun?! Why not something with a little thinking outside the box! Here is our attempt at fun thank you notes!

The notes are in response to first Halloween gifts for Saylor so they are a Halloween theme! I used non toxic washable paint for the footprints and then did the rest on my own. I realize that not all parents are going to have the time to get as crafty but lucky for me it’s always been something I love to do! You can obviously make your version as simple as you prefer. It’s an easy thank you with a little bit of effort from Saylor himself. It’s important to start right away and be CONSISTENT on any habits you want your kids to have. I want my kids to have the habit of making an effort to be thankful.