I have started a lesson plan on colors because I feel ill and we’re past due on the topic change! Color is such a simple yet important thing for babies to learn about. You can pretty much take the lessons and activities wherever you want as long as there is color! 🙂 I like to pull out this topic when I need a bit of a break because it gives me a chance to brainstorm on other ideas while still teaching Saylor a valuable educated area!

Babies are constantly using their senses. While they become more familiar with various colors it presents a great opportunity to teach language! Babies are viewing colors every day so why not put a name with their observations and teach them color!

It has been rainy and clouds all week over here in Fort Wayne. I am one of the weirdos who doesn’t really mind a couple rainy days in a row. My husband often tells me I would be in my perfect home living in Seattle or England. I like the sounds of England better lately, ha!

Anyways, tea and biscuits aside, I like to get Saylor outside for as long as we can even on dreary days. I think it’s important for his adventurous side to burn off some energy. So before the rain rolled in, I decided to take art outside and make it more hands on! I cut a few cones flowers and then I placed a few drops of white and yellow paint. I encouraged Saylor to dip the flowers into paint and smear them around. He observed colors, textures, scents, and shapes. I verbalized the different colors while Saylor created his art.

The hands on experience with the colors, shapes, and objects helped Saylor to build connections through sensory of sight, touch, smell, and sound. While flash cards are still a somewhat effect way to teach kids, the more connections they can make the better! I like to involve sensory in our art as often as I can for this reason alone.

Don’t have cone flowers? Roll with it! Use any flower you want of course! This could also be used for other lesson plans like gardening, outdoors, etc! Be creative with it!





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