Things That Go




The past couple of weeks I have been teaching about things that go. I was doing a summer lesson plan and quickly noticed  that Saylor is currently interested in pushing toy trucks, cars, boxes, and anything that he can pretend is a vehicle. I decided to ROLL with it and do a little lesson plan on things that go. I will always switch our lesson plan if I notice that Saylor has an obvious curiosity towards something specific. Speaking of things that go…it’s been a while since I have posted a blog! Where did the TIME go?! Moving states with a one year old, dog, and a husband is no joke. We are currently still house hunting so I apologize for the wacky posting schedule.

I found this toy tractor at a garage sale for a dollar a while back. I knew it would be a hit with Saylot because of the opening door on top! He spends a lot of time opening and closing doors in the kitchen when he can get away with it, ha!

Anyways, I put a little bit of color down on a medium sized car board and let Saylor roll his tractor through the paint. He used his fine motor skills and hand eye coordination while spreading the paint around. We talked about colors, textures, shapes, and patterns. I encouraged Saylor to roll the tractor various ways and explore the outcomes. The clean up wasn’t too bad either! 🙂


PS: Don’t let your kids eat the paint like Saylor did




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