Hey there!

I’m so sorry for my lengthy hiatus. (for the maybe three people who follow my blog or at least creep at it from social media outlets) Our family recently moved from Columbus Ohio back to Fort Wayne Indiana. I have been busy adjusting and taking care of our general information changes such as mail,doctors,dentists, etc while also making time to visit the zillion people who want to see us since our return. It seems like things are finally starting to settle down again now that we have given everyone their initial visit. So back to business!

I have my in home childcare plan all ready and will hopefully get to put it into action as soon as we find a house. Until then I am solely a stay at home mama which has been my favorite task yet! I have recently started putting lesson plans into place to help me get in a routine. Saylor is a solo student for the time being but I want to be in the habit of lesson planning before I accept outside kids. This week we are learning about gardens,planting, and growing in hopes that spring will soon be here! 🙂

Teaching about gardens is one of my favorite topics for younger kids. It not only provides tools for growing wonderful fruits, vegetables, and plants but also helps them build so many other lifelong skills. Gardening teaches to spend time caring for something outside of yourself from an early age. It teaches the importance of offering your time,care, and patience to see growth. This is such an important lesson that they may not comprehend immediately but having the experience will make connecting the dots so much easier later in life. Gardening will also provide them will skills in science and knowledge about the earth. I don’t know about you but I am thankful for our earth and I would like to keep it a livable place for a long while! Teaching kids at a young age about caring for our earth is so beneficial in the long run.

Saylor will be 8 months in two days so his lesson plans are still pretty basic. Here is the painting activity we did today. I placed contact paper on the floor and provided various colors of paint. I also placed Saylor’s plastic vegetables on the contact paper and let him do free painting while using the veggies as tools. If you don’t have plastic vegetables you can use fresh vegetables of any kind. Since we have plastic vegetables I have quite the variety for his art. SPOILER ALERT: Get clean up tools ready before you even start this project. When the contact paper dries you can create adorable sun catchers for the window.

Encourage your kids to observe the colors,mixing,textures,shapes,etc during this art project. When the sun catchers are finished you can continue encouraging kids to observe colors, shapes,lines,etc.








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