Quick Quinoa Soup

Hello there,

Winter is coming! (that was me trying to be hip and cool using what I think is a game of thrones reference?) I have tried watching the first episode three times now. I can’t be that hip. Anyways, winter! It’s here! I am not usually one that has sweets around the house constantly but December is an exception for me. Frosted sugar cookies are a must. Even though I am LOVING the sweets I occasionally feel like I need some actual nourishment. I put this soup recipe together a couple of weeks ago when I felt sick. It’s easy,quick, and so healthy! Soup with a description like that means you probably wont believe me when I tell you it ended up being DELICIOUS as well!!!



2 cups red quinoa

4 cups water

4 carrots

2 celery sticks

1/3 onion

1 box chicken broth

6 large mushrooms

2 chives

2 cups mixed greens

salt and pepper for taste



1.minnce the mixed greens,onion,and chives. I used my ninja machine. they need to be shavings sized. this allows the flavor to spread out in the soup broth. also, it hides to chunky texture without eliminating flavor!

2. cut up carrots,celery and mushroom and bring to a boil in 4 cups of water.

3. when vegetables are boiling add quinoa and let boil until vegetables and quinoa are soft enough to melt in your mouth. (not in your hand)

4. add box of chicken broth and minced greens

5. add salt and pepper for taste

6. let simmer for 30 minutes

7. yum!




This is how your minced greens should turn out. I use my ninja chopper for things like this! Easy prep and cleaning! 🙂

For the most healthy version of this soup use organic items. Buying all organic is not possible for all of us, but this soup has only a couple ingredients and they go a long way! It’s worth it for me to just go organic with it. It’s also the yummiest way.



enjoy! 🙂




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