Catch Up Crafts For Fall

Hello there,

So I suck at keeping this a weekly thing…but I am striving to get better! If for nothing else but to keep a record of our projects, ha! I am just going to share some of the things we did during October so we can act like this posting drought never happened. It’s so important to provide continual learning opportunities for babies! Their minds are developing fast and the more connections they are able to make the better! Each new experience builds a connection in their little noggin. We focused on art using sensory items over the month of October. I would introduce the item (pine cones, leaves, etc) and then try to provide an art project using the same item. This repetition of items used helps to build familiarity for little babies new to the world. Saylor worked on his fine motor skills to reach and grasp during each activity. He observed colors, shapes, textures, smells, and sounds! He also worked on his hand eye coordination while creating each masterpiece 🙂

The pumpkin filling picture below is just a sensory project I provided after he watched me carve his pumpkin! 🙂





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